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Moving Office

Office and commercial moves are planned to ensure the least disruption possible.

Much like moving house, a commercial move can have a significant impact on your corporate well-being. Aside from the potential disruption to your everyday working practices, the allocation of costly resources to planning, packing and dependency management can amount to an overall logistical nightmare.

Louis J Doherty and Sons Home and Office Removals offers a complete solution for all your removal requirements. Our unique perspective enables us to quickly identify the key elements and issues relating to your situation, allowing for a smooth transition to your new working environment.

Following a pre-move survey all packing requirements will be supplied. We have specialist equipment for handling heavy office items and effects. Our extensive storage facilities allow our customers an additional level of flexibility, particularly when circumstances requires same.


For a comprehensive office transition package, make Doherty Removals your first move.

Our staff endeavours to ensure as smooth and stress-free a move as possible for all our clients.
Home, office and commercial moves are planned and scheduled with the client to ensure the least disruption to family and business schedules.
Individual needs are expertly catered for.

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